Election Recycling: A Cute Little Story Edition

please_check_out_my_generous_package Kerry builds nationwide legal network to battle vote fraud; his SWAT team of attorneys prepare for recount possibilities. Similarily, Bush builds Republican National Lawyers Association. [NYT]

Republican governors urged to alter economic message, in sign Kerry's is sticking. Republican pollster: "You can't marshal national or state economic figures at the expense of talking about people's everyday concerns. That's a comparison that doesn't break in our direction." [WP]

GOP majority still a "sinkhole" for an "unfinished" Bush agenda, including bills on domestic energy production, tort reform, and liberalizing immigration; WH's willingness to compromise creates friction between House Republicans and their "maverick" Senate counterparts. [LAT]

The "Fahrenheit 9/11" effect: Bush's vacation time cut in half to avert criticism. WH source: "I don't think any voting decision is going to be made on what the president did for three weeks in August, but there are people who believe very strongly that it created the wrong visuals." [NYT]

Unclear whether labeling Kerry-Edwards a liberal is effective; arguably it's misleading. [WP]

Edwards wins applause of some churchgoers with standard message. [NYT]

Conservatives seek to undermine Ron Reagan. Said Bauer, "I think his speech is a cute little story for convention coverage, but I don't think it's the sort of thing that will influence any voters." [LAT]

Republicans collect 40,000 signatures in Michigan to qualify Nader. [WP, NYT]

Bush ad spending targets states he lost: Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Delaware, Michigan. Kerry ad spending high in Ohio, Missouri. [WP, NYT, LAT, WSJ]

Parties seek to galvanize millions of expatriates. [WP]

Congressmen argue over U.N. monitoring of U.S. elections; vote fails. [WP]

"Right-wing freedom fighters" to counter liberal protesters in New York. [WT]

Organization of Chinese Americans encourages Asian-Americans to vote. [BG]

KerryEdwards.com to be auctioned; opening bids at $150,000. [WSJ]

[AP Photo/Gerald Herbert]


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