Election Recycling: A Funnel Coming to a Head

extremem candidate dude McCain defends Kerry against attacks on national defense, continues to support Bush: "I think we ought to have open and honest debates on those issues. I think the president has led this nation with clarity since September 11th. I'm supporting his reelection. But I would certainly hope that we could raise the level of this debate. Otherwise, we're going to have very low voter turnouts in November." [WP and NYT]

Kerry is gaining speed in fundraising because Democrats are united and using Bush's strategy of encouraging donors to raise money themselves. "It's like a funnel coming to a head to support John Kerry. I have no doubt in my mind John Kerry can raise between $80 million and $100 million. In my career I have never seen people join together this fast and furious," said a supporter. [WP]

With about 200 electoral votes each, Bush and Kerry have similar starting points on their battle for the White House. [LAT]

Richard Foster, the threatened chief analyst of Medicare costs, believes the directive for intimidation of Congressmen came from a senior advisor in the White House. [WP]

On anniversary of invasion, Bush visits troops: "The 101st Airborne has known greater losses than any other division-sized unit. Each of these Americans brought pride to our country. We pray for their families. We will honor their names forever." Bush wore an army jacket and lunched with soldiers. [WP and NYT]

Kerry, on vacation in Idaho, snowboards and drinks vitamin-enriched water. [NYT and BG]

Dean's Democracy for America will support progressive candidates and rally voters to defeat Bush. Dean will formally endorse Kerry next week. [WP and NYT]

A Dean endorsement can bring money, support, and controversy. "I think Kerry should be real careful with Howard Dean. [He] is best when he's talking off the cuff often about his ideas and perspectives, but it got him in trouble in the campaign and it could get Kerry in trouble," says political scientist. [USAT]

Candidates pick slogans and run. "We're living in an age of branding, and there are political calculations behind every one of these words. [Campaigns] seem quite prepared to match slogan for slogan, phrase for phrase as they try to be the first to make their brands stick," says professor. [USAT]

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad - who said "Jews rule the world by proxy" - endorses Kerry, who won't accept it. [LAT and WT]

25 years ago today, C-SPAN began coverage of the House. Brian Lamb: "My argument was that this was a service the cable industry ought to provide. And the business folks said: 'What are you talking about? We'll never make a dime on this!' But there were people in the industry who thought it might be good PR, at a time when cable TV was a new product. And there were people who just wanted to provide a public service." [WP and WT]

Dude! Photo: AP Photo/Elise Amendola]


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