Election Recycling: Awful Lot of Blood on the Floor Edition

like i could resist using this picCheney under pressure to regain momentum in tomorrow's debate; clash of opposite characters actually has potential to affect race. [WP, NYT, LAT]

Debate performance lowers Bush's internals, in USAT/Gallop poll; race tied. [USAT]

Rice says "people are still debating" Iraq's nuclear capabilities and "will continue to debate it." [WP]

KE04 moves team from Virginia in sign of concession: "We're going where the race may be a bit closer." [WP]

Kerry shifts attention to economy as debate on domestic issues nears; to workers in Ohio: "I've got your back." [WP, NYT, LAT, USAT, BG]

Post-debate spin, polls drive coverage. Roger Simon: "The polls drive media coverage. . . It's voodoo news." [NYT, WP, WSJ]

Brownstein: "The real issue isn't whether Kerry can score points on Bush's demeanor, it's whether he can keep the race focused on Bush's record and direction." [LAT]

European leaders prepare for Bush's reelection, expect changes in second term; Chirac reaches out. Nations unlikely to offer troops if Kerry wins. [WSJ]

Election offices inundated with last-minute registrations. [NYT]

In Ohio, partisans register hundreds of thousands, count thousands of volunteers. ACT state director: "If we are neck-and-neck on November 1st, then we are going to win on November 2nd." [WP]

Most Arab Americans in Florida prefer Kerry; Democrats careful not to alienate Jewish voters when appealing to them. [LAT]

This week, Bush visits Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota. [USAT]

Little attention for civil liberties in campaign. [BG]

Winner likely to appoint multiple Supreme Court justices: "I don't see any scenario that doesn't mean an awful lot of blood on the floor." [WT]

Campaigns find web ads to be "the dog that didn't bark." [WP]

They play Bush, Kerry for Kerry, Bush. [NYT]

[REUTERS/Jason Reed]


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