Election Recycling: Breaking into Kumbaya Edition

mmmmm_delicious_old_person Kerry, despite strong growth figures, to paint dark image of economy with two-week focus. [WP and NYT and LAT and BG and WT]

Bush hopes to make Medicare winning issue; Media Fund preempts Missouri visit with ads. [NYT and LAT and WT]

Ron Reagan jabs Bush; Experts speculate Reagans won't allow Bush to use family name. [NYT]

Bush praises Bill, Hillary. Emanuel: "I thought everybody was going to break out in 'Kumbaya.'" [NYT and WP and WT]

Kerry chooses from 4 millionaires for VP. [NYT]

Bush sticks to stem cell policy; Kerry calls for adjustments. [WP]

Senior administration officials stay upbeat. [WP]

Kerry-Edwards? Kerry-Dean? [BG and BG]

Battlegrounds affected by troop mobilization. [USAT]

Bon Jovi raises $1 million for Kerry. [USAT]

[AP Photo/Orlin Wagner]


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