Election Recycling: Buoyant, Jaunty Edition

i'm squishing your headGeorge, Jeb tour hurricane damage in Florida, promise relief: "There's a lot of compassion moving in the area." [WP, WT, USAT]

KE04 raises $225m to BC04's $228m. Half of Kerry's top 266 fundraisers, who have raised over $100,000, are lawyers; $75m collected online; DNC holds $60m. [NYT]

Bush plans pro-active appeal to veterans; new ad questions Kerry's intelligence record. [BG, USAT]

Bush "buoyant, jaunty" with prepackaged, conversational Q&A sessions; no suit, no tie, no tough questions, only occasional variations. [WP, NYT]

BC04 builds grass roots backbone, micro-managed to individual voting precinct; 46,000 volunteers in Michigan, 32,000 in Missouri. [WT]

Edwards concludes 10-day swing in Iowa. [USAT]

Bush's attack on Kerry over Iraq could backfire by seeming unfazed and stubborn, writes Brownstein. [LAT]

Bush, Kerry both experienced fighters since their first campaign losses. [LAT]

FBI criticized for questioning demonstrators nationwide in effort to prevent violent protests during Republican convention. [NYT]

John Heinz IV "makes Judy Dean seem like Janet Jackson." Oldest son keeps low-profile as blacksmith, founder of Buddhist school. [WP]

Constitutional Party candidate sees campaign as "spiritual battle," wants to bridge church and state. [WP]

[AP Photo/Wong Maye-E]


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