Election Recycling: Bush Makes Entirely Expected Speech, Front Page Coverage Ensues

Bush accepts Republican nomination, touching on domestic concerns and focusing on national security, vows to protect Das Homeland: "The freedom of many, and the future security of our nation, now depend on us." Speech included typical jabs at Kerry and vague proposals. [WP, NYT, LAT, WSJ, WT, BG, USAT]

Kerry responds at midnight rally in Ohio attended by 15,000: "I'm not going to have my commitment to defend this country questioned by those who refused to serve when they could have and by those who have misled the nation into Iraq." KE04 unveils two spots about the heartland. [WP, NYT, LAT, BG, USAT]

Republicans optimistic they have framed the debate; Democrats see otherwise. Mellman: "My guess is [Bush will] have a big bounce, and in a couple weeks it will be back close to even." [NYT, WT]

Attacks on Kerry have been selective and out of context, study finds. [WP, NYT]

Bush's long-term focus may bring attacks for lacking short-term solutions, writes Brownstein. [LAT, WT]

"Inspiring rhetoric" and "big ideas" leave questions about details, the deficit, and costs. [WP, NYT, BG, USAT]

Bush appeared anxious during two interruptions. Towards the end, he was "tearing up." [WP]

KE04 advisors deny they lost August. Devine: "Fundamentally, I don't think [SBVFT] reshaped the race at all. If they did, the president would be 10 points ahead, not in a dead-heat horse race." [WT]

Some of Bush's proposals were recycled. [WP]

Stage placed Bush alone amid sea of supporters. [NYT]

BC04 to run $7m worth of ads about the economy. [NYT, BG]

Pataki says Kerry "has to Google his own name to find where he stands." [NYT]

Miller as new idol for "hard core" Republicans. Edwards calls speech "venom." Democrats hope it's impact will mirror Buchanan in '92. McCain: "I think it backfires." [WP, WP, NYT, LAT, LAT]

Kerry calls for international force to help Sudan. [NYT]

Following judge's orders, city releases convention detainees. [NYT, NYT]

Campaigns begin final two-month sprint. [USAT]

Religious conservatives find their place during convention is with each other. [WP, NYT, LAT, WT]

Conservative 527 receives $40m in donation pledges during convention. [LAT]

Over 160 foreign conservatives were on hand. [WP]

Protesters easily found credentials for entrance. [NYT]

150 right-wing protesters march to New York Civil Liberties Union. [NYT, LAT]

Mixed reviews of guest-worker program from immigrants working in New York. [NYT]

Some New York firefighters skeptical of Bush. [LAT]

Convention obviously followed tight script; anchors jump on minor incidents as major developments. [LAT]

Some politically-active corporations give up this time around. [WSJ]

In second term, Rice, Powell, Ridge, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft expected to resign or be shuffled. [USAT]

New Yorkers welcome the week's end. [NYT]

Republicans, demonstrators dine together at cheap restaurants. [NYT]

Youngest Ranger has raised $200,000 before his 29th birthday and met with Bush, Cheney, Frist. [NYT]

Barbara Bush: "George is putty in their hands, and I'm the one who's saying


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