Election Recycling: Bushisms Are Back Edition

you know what big feet meanBush announces troop redeployment; one-third of service members overseas to be relocated. Move could up support among military families; veterans expect strong turnout. [WP, NYT, LAT, USAT, USAT]

Veterans' memories of Kerry turn political; Harkin calls anti-Kerry ad "cowardly," says Bush and Cheney are "running scared." [LAT, LAT]

MoveOn ad rebuts claims of swift boat veterans, questions Bush's service, and asks Bush to "take that ad off the air." [WP, USAT]

Fresh BC04 ad attacks Kerry's record on intelligence. [LAT]

Kerry rests in most liberal, wealthiest area of Idaho; attacks Bush on corporate ties. [WP, BG]

Edwards, in blue jeans, touts "Hope for the Heatland" plan to farmers. [WP]

Kerry's low-key, invitation-only front-porch visits go from gimmick to tactic. [NYT]

Indian-Americans, wealthiest ethnic minority group, increase their political involvement as parties woo. [WSJ]

Poll puts Kerry's support among Jewish voters at 75%. [WT]

Kerry hires more strategists. [USAT]

New York faces test of providing liberties for protesters and security for delegates. [WP]

KE04 transfers $6m to Senatorial and Congressional Campaign Committees. [LAT]

Pearl family requests name not be used in political context. [NYT]

Bushisms are back, declares Milbank. [WP]

[AP Photo/Laura Rauch]


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