Election Recycling: Casting Out Demons Edition

be healed! Kerry attacks Bush for "stonewalling" September 11 and Iraqi intelligence investigations; Bush campaign chairman says the president has been "entirely cooperative." [WP and NYT]

Bush is closely involved in his campaign; spokesmen prefers dubbing Kerry "the senator from Massachusetts who has a record of weakening national defense and raising taxes" to the generic "Massachusetts liberal," Kerry moves to neutralize. [NYT and BG]

"Gloomy economy" makes 2004 somewhat similar to 1992 race. Should Bush be concerned? " There aren't many inviolate rules in American politics, but in an election year it's safe to say no president wants his name plausibly placed in the same sentence as Herbert Hoover's." [LAT]

In an election year with foreign policy crisis overload, some Republicans want to resist military intervention elsewhere: "No war in '04." [WP]

Battle for Florida intensifies as polls put candidates neck-in-neck: "Florida is on the knife edge of partisan balance. It's a place where little things can alter the turnout just enough to tip the scales," says professor who studies voting patterns. [NYT]

Kerry compares gays rights to civil rights, tripping over his comparison of Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. [BG]

Gore, fresh populist, says Republicans use "politics of fear. . . and the repetition of big lies." [LAT]

Sharpton hires William Morris talent agency to look for talk show and movie opportunities. "We don't expect him to be Denzel Washington," says his manager. [NYT]

For vice presidential slot, Graham is in, Richardson is out, and McCain is not a possibility. [WT]

Both sides believe they can use the Patriot Act to their political advantage. [BG]

Bush's big ideas are put on back-burner in order to campaign; [USAT]

Kerry is doing well among black voters. [USAT]

Women's peace group, CodePink, protests for Bush to be given pink slip. [WP]


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