Election Recycling: Could You Repeat That Edition

lalalalala i can't hear you Bush, in Ohio: "The old policy of economic isolationism is a recipe for economic disaster. America has moved beyond that tired, defeatist mind-set, and we're not going back." [WP and LAT]

Kerry meets with Dean, then McAuliffe, plans to meet with Edwards, and Congressional black and Hispanic caucuses; Dean endorsement expected this month: "I will work closely with John Kerry to make sure we beat George Bush in November and turn our country around." [NYT and BG]

Kerry calls Republicans "the most crooked, you know, lying group I've ever seen;" Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot says it's the "unbecoming of a candidate." [WP and LAT]

Kerry-McCain ticket: Dream on. [LAT and WT]

Kerry: "Our middle-class tax cut will help working people afford college and pay for health care and make ends meet. If this president wants to make this election about taxes after he's cut billions for billionaires and given middle-class families a larger share to pay, we're ready for that fight." [WP]

AFL-CIO to spend record $44 million to mobilize voters against Bush. [BG]

General Account Office says Bush's advertisements and brochures about a new Medicare law are misrepresentative. [NYT]

McCain says FEC is not enforcing campaign finance laws, complains about 527 groups. [WP and NYT]

National Conference of State Legislatures complains that Bush promotes mandates then sticks states with the bill; $29 billion this year, $34 billion next year. [WP]

Al Franken vows to "put it to Bush" in his new radio show, "The O'Franken Factor." [BG]


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