Election Recycling: Cow-Tipping Edition

don't you feel sorry for the cow Bush campaign is running their attacks earlier than they wanted in attempt to keep attention on Bush's handling of the war on terror. Bush: "My opponent clearly has strong beliefs - they just don't last very long.". . . Patting cows at a rodeo, Bush says, "I thought there was a lot of bull in Washington, D.C." [WP and WP]

In Florida, Kerry woos seniors by talking of Social Security and Medicare and energizes Democrats with anger over 2000 election results. [WP and LAT]

Conservative group runs Kerry attack ad in 12 states, shows him with Senator Kennedy: "Hairstyle by Christophe's: $75. Designer shirts: $250. Forty-two-foot luxury yacht: $1 million. Four lavish mansions and beachfront estate: Over $30 million. Another rich, liberal elitist from Massachusetts who claims he's a man of the people. Priceless." [LAT]

Gay Republicans -- one million voted for Bush in 2000 - face a tough decision in November; Log Cabin Republicans vow to fight constitutional amendment. [NYT]

Bush's campaign manager, Ken Mehlman says Kerry campaign is reactive: "For Senator Kerry to complain that troops don't have the support they need to prevent against attacks - after voting against body armor for our troops in Iraq -- was a statement that was, one, audacious, and two, was very revealing. It revealed a vulnerability they feel because of his voting record." [WT]

Strong majorities of voters see terrorism and spread of WMDs as "critical threat" to national security. [WT]

Kerry courts African Americans. "Kerry does not have that Clintonesque relationship with African Americans. Kerry is a work in progress. He's doing pretty well, but that's perhaps mostly because of the general dissatisfaction with the Bush administration," says one Reverend. [LAT]


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