Election Recycling: Difficult to Refute Edition

mixed message On 9/11, Rice was scheduled to give a speech outlining Bush policies for missile defense, rogue nations, and Iraq's weapons of terror; no mention of al Qaeda, bin Laden, or terrorist groups. [WP]

Bush vows "horrific" attacks on Americans in Iraq will not bring a withdrawal. McClellan: "The best way to honor those who have lost their lives is to continue to show resolve in the face of these cowardly, hateful acts." [WP]

Clarke wants his words and voice removed from MoveOn.org ad: "I'm trying hard to make this not a partisan thing but a discussion of how we stop terrorism from happening in the future � keep this on a policy issue. I don't want this to become any more emotional or personal than it has already." MoveOn.org has no plans to alter the ad. [LAT]

Second complaint to the FEC by BC04 and the Republican Party is meant to force a quicker decision about an alleged conspiracy of soft money between Kerry and liberal organizations such as MoveOn.org and the Media Fund. Republican lawyer says Kerry "has become the largest beneficiary of illegal soft money from wealthy special interests since the campaign finance reforms of the Watergate era." FEC staffer calls the move "ridiculous." [WP and NYT]

Bush's lawyer allegedly called a GOP member of the 9/11 commission the day of Clarke's testimony. [WP]

Rice's 9/11 testimony will keep focus on national security, a benefit for Bush. [WT]

Following 9/11 controversy, swing voters still swing. Said one, "It comes down to the guy I'm going to trust for the next four years." [NYT]

For Missouri and Ohio, election hinges on economy. [LAT and USAT]

Perfect timing and controversy makes Clarke's book a bestseller. [LAT and USAT]

Democrats criticize alleged use of Treasury to critique Kerry tax plan. [NYT and LAT]

Advocate ads from 527s are difficult to refute. [WP]

Kerry doesn't recall attending meeting of Vietnam Veterans Against the War that called for assassinations of Senators. [BG]

Hughes begins book tour; set to earn $15,000/month from BC04 beginning in August. [NYT]

Kerry promises to return to campaigning "faster than you can blink" after uneventful shoulder surgery; Republicans take the spotlight. [WP and NYT]

House votes against the White House, for pay parity between civilian and military workers. [WP]

[So what's your point? Mike Blake/Reuters]


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