Election Recycling: Endless Qualifiers Edition

waldo is in the upper right, tearing a 3year olds sign War likely to be front and center at tonight's debate. All eyes on Kerry; Bush needs to use charm to broaden appeal. [WP, USAT, USAT, BG]

Administration limits reports of turmoil in Iraq; Pentagon hoping to raise morale with events at bases showcasing "good news" from Iraq. [WP]

Candidates stake similar positions on foreign policy but debate should examine differences. Director of policy at Council on Foreign Relations: "They might not be in the same ZIP Code, but they're in the same area code." [NYT, LAT, LAT]

Cheney, Edwards in rhetorical fight over Iraq, national security. Edwards: "They knew that there were enormous predictors of what would be happening [in Iraq], and they still didn't have a plan even though they knew what might be coming." [WP, NYT]

Kerry acknowledges effectiveness of flip-flop accusations, but says it "doesn't reflect the truth." Kerry makes missteps in interview with Sawyer. [NYT, WT]

Bush holds 5-point lead in LAT poll; voters receptive to tonight's debate. [LAT]

Bush tours hurricane damage in Florida. [NYT]

Strict rules governing debates; networks may violate some policies about shots. [NYT, BG, WT]

Debate primers point out inconsistencies, misconceptions. [WP, WSJ]

Voters significantly unaware of candidates' policy positions, according to new Annenberg study. [WP]

Candidates' biggest challenge tonight is English language. Kerry must cut out the "policyspeak and endless qualifiers." [USAT]

Neither candidate fully open with war records. [WP]

Kerry hits Bush on oil prices. [USAT]

Bush discusses drinking with Dr Phil. [USAT]

Missouri: One less swing? [NYT]

New Mexican voters not sold on Kerry. [LAT]

Next office-holder likely to tip Supreme Court. [USAT]

Lehrer also experienced in debates; tonight is his 10th. [LAT]

CBS News to survey independents in real-time. [BG]

[REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque]


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