Election Recycling: Eroding Morale Edition

about_to_enter_his_own_assKerry, on defensive about medals and ribbons, attacks the military service of Bush. Cheney: "The senator from Massachusetts has given us ample grounds to doubt the judgment and the attitude he brings to bear on vital issues of national security." Kerry: "This comes from a president who can't even show or prove that he showed up for duty in the National Guard. And I'm not going to stand for it." [WP and NYT and LAT and LAT]

President of Westminster College, where Cheney spoke, sends campus-wide letter and invites Kerry to speak after being "surprised and disappointed that Mr. Cheney chose to step off the high ground and resort to Kerry-bashing for a large portion of his speech." [LAT]

McAuliffe: Cheney is "attack dog in chief." [BG]

Witness says Kerry threw his war decorations. [BG]

Bush announces bite-size proposals on fuel cells, broadband, and medical records, taking a page from Clinton. [WP and LAT]

Kerry presents six-point plan to fix the global trading system: "We will not turn a blind eye to clear trade violations when American jobs are on the line." [WP and LAT]

Democratic Convention organizers may stage spontaneity to get television coverage. [BG]

Clinton's memoir, "My Life," to be published in late June with a first printing of 1.5 million. [WP and NYT]

Buzz: Powell wants to head World Bank. [NYT]

Problems with military mail ballots persist, possibly eroding morale. [LAT]

[AP Photo/Steven Senne]


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