Election Recycling: Fake But Accurate Edition

Kerry says Bush mislead voters on Medicare; on Iraq: "I'll be straight with the American people: Things are getting worse." Months ago, candidate ignored calls to be aggressive; McCurry on board. [WP, NYT, LAT, LAT, BG, USAT]

Bush addresses Guard members; DNC launches "Operation Fortunate Son" tour in 21 states. [WP, NYT, NYT, LAT, BG, USAT]

CBS News experts say "red flags," concerns were ignored; typist thinks they're fake but accurate. One expert told producer, "If you air the program. . . you're going to have hundreds of document examiners raising the same questions." [WP, NYT, LAT, LAT, USAT]

Leahy, Gregg win Senate re-nominations. [WP]

Texans for Truth offer $50,000 for proof Bush performed duties in Guard between May 1972 and May 1973. [WP]

BC04 running ads in 17 states, KE04 down to eight. [LAT]

Activist widows now for KE04 express fear, say Bush wouldn't meet with them.[WP, NYT]

Bush's stance on Russia contradicts promotion of democracy. [WP]

Bush succeeds in connecting Iraq to war on terrorism. [WSJ]

Outcome of Bush tax proposals unclear; likely to at least simplify system. [WSJ]

Interest in election at all-time peak for young adults: "This is a bigger group than 50- to 65-year-olds. . . this year, there's a real buzz." [NYT]

Bush, Cheney, Wisconsinites mock Kerry for mispronouncing name of stadium. [WP]

Kennedy begins seven week campaign for KE04. [USAT]

KE04 lead among Asian American voters, but half of what Gore's was. [LAT]

Giuliani tops Pataki, Hillary in poll for '08. [USAT]


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