Election Recycling: Fake Fan Edition

yeah i kinda want to slap him tooE minus 12. Candidates stake different stances, themes on health care: Kerry, with Dana Reeve, pushes stem cells, taxpayer-funded care; Bush calls for malpractice restrictions and individual payment options, attacks Kerry's plans for "bigger and more intrusive government." [WP, WP, NYT, NYT, USAT, BG, LAT]

Bush lightens schedule, avoids battlegrounds, needs his own bed. Brazile: "Bush is not campaigning to win states anymore, but to win particular groups of voters who may be undecided." [BG]

Kerry as "the guy": hunts to show "personal dimension," though no one saw him shoot; watches baseball, drinks Budweiser, but Sam Adams is spotted in kitchenette. NRA ad: "John Kerry's not a hunter, he just plays one on TV." [WP, NYT, BG, LAT, LAT, WT]

Kerry seeks inroads for outdoorsman vote. [WSJ]

Laura on Teresa's comment: "It didn't hurt my feelings. It was perfectly all right, and she apologized. But she didn't even really need to apologize. I know how tough it is. And actually, I know those trick questions, too." [WP]

Bush, Cheney may have inflated success of war on terrorism; jihadist terrorism is "metastasizing." President took political and military risk of shifting resources from Afghanistan to Iraq. [WP]

For Kerry, the Southwest is the new South. Devine: "The potential opportunities [in the Southwest] just looked better than some of the [Southern] states where we had previously advertised." [LAT]

Already in Florida: two federal lawsuits; one Republican complaint to the FEC; allegations of suppressing black vote in Duval County. [USAT, LAT]

Candidates to play up religion, faith in final days: Kerry to outline values in Sunday speech; Bush meets Cardinal Justin Rigali in Philadelphia. [WT, WT]

Kerry dreams of cabinet, Supreme Court picks: Biden or Holbrooke to repair alliances; Hagel, Lugar, or Rudman for defense or state. [WP, NYT]

Speculation for Bush's second term: Rice as Defense Secretary? Wolfowitz as Security Advisor? Danforth as Secretary of State? Senor or Devenish as Press Secretary? [WP]

Neither candidate actually prepared for next four years, writes Walter Shapiro. [USAT]

Bush supporters found to be less informed of issues and foreign policy positions than backers of Kerry. Scholar: "It is rather unique the extent to which we have different perceptions of reality." [BG]

Bush sees war on terrorism as broad war, Kerry prefers precision-guided tactics to uproot jihadist impulses. [BG]

Campaigns, parties dropped $120m on first two weeks of October. BC04 down to $22m, KE04 has $24m. [NYT, LAT]

BC04 call Kerry a fake fan. Kerry flack: "After 86 years of failure, why would anyone in their right mind fake being a Red Sox fan?" [WP]

Parties aggressively training volunteers, rounding up lawyers for fight. [WSJ]

Bush supports guest-worker program. [LAT]

American Islamic organizations endorse Kerry. [LAT]

Most college students say they'll vote; Kerry holds 13-point lead. [LAT]

Bush's image used in local races to galvanize both sides. [LAT]

Demand for bumper stickers, lawn signs is "off the charts." [LAT]

Networks give more attention to issues, at least compared to 2000. [LAT]

Nader won't factor on election day. [WP]

[Larry Downing/Reuters]


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