Election Recycling: Good People or Bad People

what_up_my_main_man Reagan's death pauses campaigns; no ads on Friday. [WP and NYT and LAT]

Republicans hope Reagan nostalgia translates to Bush bounce. [LAT]

58 Senators call for stem cell research; importance to Reagan cited. [WP]

Democrats praise Reagan. [WT]

G-8 expected to support U.S. plan for democracy in the Middle East; causes and effects debated. [WP and NYT and WT]

U.S. bows to France, Russia to pass Iraq resolution. [WP]

Matthew Dowd: "Our ability to affect [Bush's] image is limited. Most incumbents, especially this one, are fairly well-defined

. What you want to do is have your communications have an effect on wherever the largest number of 'soft' voters are. In this case, that was Kerry, and it continues to be Kerry." [LAT]

Bush's friendships with leaders are on his terms. Bush's test: "Good people or bad people? Do they have a vision for their countries or not?" [WP]

Kerry works the "Zen and the Art of Newslessness." [WP]

Kerry's position on security called inconsistant. [WT]

Bush has changed since 2000. [USAT]

Gore's attack of Florida Senate candidate rattles race. [NYT]

Conservative 527s have difficulty raising corporate donations. [WP]

Campaign consultants often become lobbyists upon election. [NYT]

[AP Photo/Jeff Chiu]


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