Election Recycling: Half Day (If That) Edition

objects in the mirror may be closer than they appearClinton, in 90-minute call from hospital, advises Kerry to move on from Vietnam and make the case for defeating Bush; Kerry told to explain distinctions, connect dots between Iraq and domestic problems. John Sasso joins KE04; Carville, Begala, Greenberg promoted. [NYT, WP, WT, BG]

Bush considering flat tax, calls current code "full of special-interest loopholes." Matthew Dowd says newsmagazine polls favoring Bush indicate "fundamental shift." [WP, LAT]

Clinton's bypass surgery expected this morning. [WP, NYT]

Bush appeals to the center: "A safer, stronger, better America is for every citizen of this country. I think old Zell Miller set a pretty good tempo for Democrats all across the country." [NYT, WT]

Events in the "economy and Iraq that neither campaign can control" will dictate whether Bush can maintain lead, writes Brownstein. [LAT]

New BC04 introduction video is inspired by MTV. McKinnon: "It's got a little bit of reality TV to it." [NYT]

Kerry was concerned about downsides of rehashing Vietnam, but took risk. Brinkley: "My book was a huge gamble. I knew he hadn't sanitized his collection because he was so nervous as I read it. Vietnam could cut for good or ill." [BG]

Records of Bush's guard service missing or never produced. [WT]

Campaign rhetoric placed in context. [LAT]

Kerry supporters use 1996 Senate race to bet on comeback, win. [LAT]

Swing voters in Erie want specifics, debates, and talk of issues beyond terrorism and Iraq. Voters in New Lexington, Ohio split. [WP, NYT]

Edwards masters the art of wrapping negative remarks in a positive tone. [WP]

Analysis of Nexis searches find researchers/reporters interested in Teresa's cookies. [WT]

[AFP/File/Hector Mata]


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