Election Recycling: He Really Does Read the Newspaper Edition

mr_charismaBush to speak about Iraq on weekly basis; speech on Monday about transfer of power; Bush may meet U.N. Security Council. [WP]

Nader, Kerry meet to discuss economic issues. Nader compares Kerry, Gore to "the difference between a spruce tree and petrified wood." Kerry: "Don't judge me by the people who preceded me." [WP and WP and NYT and LAT and BG]

Republicans confident Bush's poll numbers can be up by November; Lott: "They are running short on fuel in terms of ideas that turn people on. Leadership is fine, but leadership to do what?" [NYT]

To please the Security Council, administration may allow Iraqi forces to "opt out" of American military operations. [NYT]

GAO says "video news releases" for Medicare were illegal. [WP and NYT]

Bush: "We will not play politics with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. . . Emptying the Strategic Petroleum Reserve would put America in a dangerous position in the war on terror."

[WT and USAT]

Bush to meet GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill today. [USAT]

Kerry says he could support an antiabortion judge if Roe were not in jeopardy. [BG]

Kerry gains confidence in communication skills out West. [WSJ]

In special election for Janklow's House seat, parties hope for national momentum and new stars. [NYT and USAT]

Laura Bush: "[George] really does read the newspaper. Just not the reporters that follow him. He says he doesn't want to be mad at them the next day. Also, because he was there at the event � so he doesn't need to really read their coverage of it." She shows her biceps to Leno. [LAT]

Environmental group faults Bush, "Texas Oilman," for drilling in Floridian waters. [LAT]

Commission recommends election day should be a holiday. [LAT]

Forty-eight Roman Catholic Democratic representatives warn Cardinal denial of Communion based on support of abortion rights could increase bigotry. [WP]

[AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File]


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