Election Recycling: Hungover and Anti-Gay Edition

the sleep of the damned Down to Ohio: 250,000 or so provisional ballots. Fox News breaks Ohio for Bush at 12:41. Russert: "Bush has two or three paths to 270, John Kerry has one, and it goes through Ohio." McCurry: "At the end of the day, we win. I'm not sure what day, but we win." Tucker: "Somebody should reassess exit polling... It's useless." [WP, WP, NYT, NYT, NYT, USAT]

Same-sex marriage bans win in all 11 states. [WP, NYT, USAT]

Battle of the bases: A night of few surprises. Scholar: "One bit of conventional wisdom was that high turnout would benefit the Democrats. Republicans may do it differently, but they proved they can produce high turnout, too." [WP, WP]

Edwards spoke after "reports of pandemonium" inside the Kerry camp: "optimism gave way to a bunker-like isolation as the night dragged on"; Bush photo-op called after "cataclysmic" images from the day. [WP, WP, WP, USAT, USAT]

Bush achieves mandate, takes Florida. [NYT, NYT]

McAuliffe at 8 p.m.: "This is the best election night in history." [WP]

Kerry: "I cannot tell you how excited I am to sleep in my own bed." [NYT]

At the GOP party: "Look! Look! There's a couple making out. Making out! In full view of the TV cameras. Two men behind a pole are holding hands, praying, Promise Keepers style." [WP]

Original strategy paid off for Bush. [BG]

Concession a challenge, likely written by Shrum. [WSJ]

Shales: "Had [the anchors] taken Valium, or were they somehow doling it out through the airwaves and cables that bring TV into the homes and bars of the nation? The night was sure full of numbing inspirations." [WP]

Florida Republicans: "What made the difference? Two words: Ground game. We had 109,000 volunteers throughout the state. In 2000, we made 77,000 personal contacts. In the last four days, we made 1.7 million." [USAT]

Irrational exuberance: exit polls blinked. [BG, USAT, WSJ, LAT, LAT]

Alexandra Kerry, earlier in the evening: "I feel confident, but I'm feeling nauseous too. That's just me." [BG]

Nader didn't spoil. [WP, NYT, USAT]

Colorado: Winner-take-all remains. [NYT]

California: Stem-cell funds approved. [SFC]

Montana: Medical Marijuana approved. [LAT]

African-Americans turn out for Kerry. [NYT]

Eyes on Hillary. [BG]

NBC's Democracy Plaza cost $5m. [USAT]


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