Election Recycling: If It Did Happen Edition

doin the can-can 9/11 commission presses Bush administration to explain its classification of thousands of related documents from the Clinton administration; McClellan: "We are providing the commission with access to all the information they need to do their job." Kerrey: "If it did happen, it's an unintentional mistake or it's another intentional act of the White House that will backfire." [NYT and WP]

Following Bush model, Kerry raised $43 million in three months, surpassing Dean's Democratic record. "You can easily see a scenario where he hits $120 million, particularly given the fact the race is so close and will continue to be close," said a Democratic strategist. Bush now has 187 Rangers, 268 Pioneers, and 32 Mavericks. [WP and LAT]

Vatican officials and Roman Catholic bishops find conflict between Kerry's professed Catholicism and his stances on abortion rights and stem cell research. [NYT]

Powell visits German high school for question session. [WP]

In ad, Kerry attacks Bush for sending jobs overseas; Bush quickly responds with attack on Kerry's plan to raise taxes. [WP and NYT]

Kerry outlines plan to combat off-shore tax avoidance; "U.S. firms doing business in the U.S. are taxed more heavily than many of their foreign competitors. That's demonstrably true," said international tax expert. [WP]

Jokes about Bush creep onto prime time TV: "I can't believe he's in there doing to my bathroom what he's done to the economy!" [NYT]

Kerry's daughters and Chris Heinz credited with humanizing him. [LAT and LAT]

Kerry repeats call for debates. [USAT]

Federal judge orders agencies to release withheld documents from Cheney's energy task force. [WP]

Democrats call for Treasury Department to investigate Bush's tax plan as they did for Kerry's. [WSJ]

House GOP stalls effort to force a former Medicare official to testify about cost estimates. [WP]

House Republicans defy Bush with support of large transportation bill; Bush may veto. [WP]

Bush signs Laci and Conor's Law: "As of today, the law of our nation will acknowledge the plain fact that crimes of violence against a pregnant woman often have two victims." [WP and WT]

[He's dancing! CameraWorks/WP]


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