Election Recycling: I'm Not a Puppet Edition

who_da_man_me_da_man For Bush, 9/11 report is better than expected. Blame is spread; calls war on terrorism ineffective, vague; conclusion similar to Bush rhetoric. [WP, WP, WT]

Kerry: "This report carries a very simple message for all of America about the security of all Americans: We can do better. . . If I am elected president and there still has not been sufficient progress rapidly in these next months on these issues, then I will lead." Bush, Kerry praise report. [NYT, LAT]

More White House aides knew of Berger incident than originally acknowledged. Lockhart: "Did the political operation know? Did Karl Rove know? I think it's time for them to come clean." [WP, WT]

Bush, Kerry tied in two polls; dissatisfaction seen with Bush and direction. Separately, Kerry leads in Pennsylvania, candidates tied in Florida. [LAT, LAT, USAT]

Race closest since 1980, according to WSJ/NBC poll. Voters see Kerry as intelligent, but find weaknesses; Edwards seen favorably by 44%, up 12 points. [WSJ, WSJ]

Kerry wants to debate Bush at Urban League, says he would combat gang violence with job training, education: "We also need to send young people a strong, clear message that there is another path, and if they are willing to take that path, we will be with them." [WP, WT, USAT]

Kerry to USAT: "It will take a new president, a change of administration in Washington, to restore credibility to America and to open the doors of possibilities for how we get our troops home out of Iraq." [USAT]

Kerry on whether early-term abortions are murder: "No, because it's not the form of life that takes personhood in the terms that we have judged it to be in the past. . . Does life begin? Yes, it begins. Is it at the point where I would say that you apply those [criminal] penalties? The answer is, no, and I believe in choice." [LAT]

Kucinich for KE04. [USAT]

Elizabeth Edwards praised for being "real." Elizabeth: "I'm willing to listen to anybody. It doesn't mean I'm going to do everything. I'm not a puppet. But I've got ears, and I'm going to use them to make certain I'm doing the best possible things I can do." [NYT]

Poll finds 92% of "F9/11" viewers plan to vote for Kerry. [LAT]

Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, BBC to cover conventions. [LAT]

MSNBC, CNN profile Kerry without "pictures of him on a date with Morgan Fairchild or wooing Teresa Heinz in fluent French." [NYT]

[AFP/Getty Images/File/Paul Hawthorne]


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