Election Recycling: Immoral Society Edition

au contraire mon frere Rice plans to defend Bush, counter Clarke. Says Dan Barlett: "It's easy to look back in a post-9/11 world with perfect hindsight. . . The decisions being made were being made in a different mindset, not only for the administration but for all of America and the world." [WP and NYT]

Panel to compare Clarke's testimony with Clinton's final report on security. [WT]

Critics say Kerry lacks specific plan for Iraq. Biden: "It's not enough to point out what Bush isn't doing; we should be saying what we will do. I know John Kerry feels the same way. But what is the answer here?" [WSJ]

Kerry says June 30th was a political calculation: "I think they wanted to get the troops out, get the transfer out of the way as fast as possible without regard to the stability of Iraq." BC04 tries to stay above the fray; Jim Jordan: "Bush's numbers are moving south on terrorism, he's caught in a quagmire of his own making and there's no reason for Kerry to be seen as illegitimately politicizing this." [WP and LAT]

Kerry may cut programs to lower deficit, says trade policies hurt U.S.: "This administration has a truth deficit. Almost every promise they have made to the country, they have broken." [NYT and WT]

Bush proposes testing of high school seniors and replacing a vocational program with technical studies; prospects unclear. [WP and WT]

Treasury Department to establish inquiry into BC04 benefiting from department's analysis of Kerry's tax plan. [NYT and WSJ]

High majorities of Muslims in Detroit think "America is an immoral society" and 85% disapprove of Bush. [WT]

Kennedy becomes a lightning-rod for both sides as a liberal icon. [BG]

Kerry actively courts Veterans. [USAT]

Nader calls for impeachment: "When you plunge our country into war on a platform of fabrications and deceptions, and you bring back thousands of American soldiers who are sick, injured or dead, and that war is unconstitutionally authorized to begin with, Mr. Bush's behavior qualifies for the high crimes and misdemeanor impeachment clause of the Constitution." [NYT]

White House modified documents to downplay harmful effects of mercury. [NYT]

Parties use geo-demographic data to manage and target voters. [NYT]

Armageddon plan implemented on 9/11. [WP]

American Dream PAC, designed to support minority Republican candidates, mostly funnels money to the RNC and GOP causes. [WP]

[The only way he could look more French is if he was running the other direction. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)]


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