Election Recycling: Insularity and Zeal Edition

objects on the podium may be lamer than they appearBush, in first interview since debate, calls Kerry's attacks "shameless scare tactics." President says Mary Cheney remark "was over the line"; he would accept fundamentalist government in Iraq if voted by free elections. [USAT]

Bush leads within margin of error in fresh WP survey, but Kerry has edge in battlegrounds. Campaigns settle on effective tactics for final two weeks. Gender gap widens; 46% say Kerry is too liberal, 36% say Bush is too conservative. [WP]

NYT poll finds dead-heat, but Bush's approval rating hits 44% with majorities disapproving handling of Iraq, economy. Majority view Kerry as panderer. [NYT]

Bush, in NJ, jabs Kerry for "September the 10th attitude." Kerry: "I will never be a commander in chief who just cavalierly, ideologically and arrogantly dismisses the advice of our best military commanders in the United States." [WP, NYT, USAT, BG, LAT]

Kerry increasingly depends on exaggeratiosn, distortions of Bush's positions. [NYT]

Kerry, in Florida: "George Bush's answer to our health care problems is to tell the American people, 'Stop whining.' Lower wages for American workers and a higher share of the tax burden for the middle class? Stop whining, everything's fine." [NYT, USAT, USAT]

Bush shifts rationale for war as new evidence is exposed. GOP strategist: "There has been a difference of emphasis." [LAT]

Pollsters gather approximately the same results, then use formulas that result in varying conclusions. [NYT]

Minor problems arise as voting begins in Florida, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas also open polls. [WP, NYT]

Dems have registered more new voters in every battleground where data is available, except Florida where parties are even. [USAT]

Campaigns portray other as too dangerous for next four years. [WSJ]

Total television ad spending to top $500m. In Tampa, Cleveland, and Philly, hundreds of campaign ads air daily. [LAT]

CBC, DNC send celebrity activists to Florida to get out the vote. Alfre Woodard: "It's better to be here than riding around in my car listening to Usher or somebody." [WP]

Campaigns, taking page from Dean, send emails to get supporters involved; BC04 has list of 6m, KE04 sends to 2.5m. [WP]

Sinclair fires Washington bureau chief after he calls anti-Kerry film "blatant political propaganda." [LAT]

Letter from Vatican says Kerry should be excommunicated. [NYT]

Kerry to spend election night in Copley Square, Boston. [BG]

Children of candidates show vitality, procreativity of their fathers; Vanessa commutes from London School of Economics to campaign; Barbara TiVos "The O.C." to attend Bush events. [WP]

Ex-Marine sues, claiming "Stolen Honor" libels him by deceptive editing. [NYT]

Coalition seeks to block e-voting in New Jersey. [NYT]

Mary Cheney, "child of the nondisclosed location." Columnist: "It is not an insult to call a proudly public lesbian a lesbian. It's an insult to gasp when someone calls her a lesbian." [WP]

Gore: "The same insularity and zeal that makes [Bush] effective at smash-mouth politics, makes him terrible at governing." [WP, NYT]

[AFP/Hector Mata]


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