Election Recycling: It's About Love Edition

oooh_very_meta Administration encounters increasing fear of failure in Iraq; Bush's leadership style increasingly criticized. Senior official: "There's overwhelming pressure with the Coalition Provisional Authority and the White House to deliver a successful Iraq transition, and Iraq is proving uncooperative." [WP and WSJ]

Kerry struggles for national coverage while White House dominates news cycle. [WP]

White House promotes programs it tried to cut. [NYT]

Kerry blames Bush for high gas prices. [WP and NYT and BG]

Dean, Kerry become mutual admirers. Dean: "I certainly admired you for kicking my [expletive] in Iowa. . . You know, there wasn't a helluva lot of difference in all our platforms, really." [WP]

Bush agrees not to bypass Senate for judge appointments in pact with Democrats. [WP and NYT]

Bush tries to increase Jewish support, backs Israel. Bush: "The United States is strongly committed, and I am strongly committed, to the security of Israel as a vibrant Jewish state. Israel is a democracy and a friend and has every right to defend itself from terror." [LAT and WP and WT]

Bush renominates Greenspan for 5th term. [NYT and WSJ]

Kerry to meet with Nader today; Kucinich wins 15 percent in Oregon primary. [NYT and LAT and WT]

Laura Bush hits the trail. [WP and USAT]

Gay marriage enters election fray. Voter: "It's about love, and there shouldn't be any boundaries to that." [USAT]

Religious leaders lobby Senate to approve legislation to regulate gases that cause global climate change. [WSJ]

Bush is subject of three times as many late-night jokes as Kerry. [LAT]

[AFP/Paul J. Richards]


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