Election Recycling: It's Like the Tortoise and the Hare Edition

is_that_a_boom_mic_in_your_hand_or_aw_you_finish_it Kerry to accept federal funds, distribute cash to national, state committees, and repay personal loan. [BG]

Bush maneuvers for new middle-class tax cut. Rep. Matsui (D-Calif.): "The president is hurting so badly right now, and even congressional Republicans, this is the one thing they can say they've gotten for the middle class." [WP]

Cheney advocates cap on medical malpractice awards: "When it comes to the legal crisis in American health care, the Kerry-Edwards ticket is on the side of personal-injury trial lawyers, and the Bush-Cheney ticket is on the side of doctors and patients." [WP, LAT]

Parties mine databases of every registered voter for organizing, strategizing, predicting. McAuliffe: "You could ask me about any city block in America, and I could tell you how many on that block are likely to be health care voters, or who's most concerned about education or job creation. . ." [WP]

Dynamics, diversity of Hispanic population in New Mexico present challenge to Bush, Kerry campaigns as they pour resources into the "pivotal" state. [NYT]

Bush, Kerry travel to similar areas, espousing different answers to political issues. Kerry: "We're not going to have one of those elections where it's mealy-mouthed, and you can't tell the difference between the two candidates." [NYT]

Georgia likely to have two Republican Senators come November. [NYT]

Kerry answers questions on health care, national security and Whoopi with the same word: Halliburton. [WP]

Kerry, Edwards to tour swing states; beginning with Colorado, ending in Boston. [LAT, WT, BG]

Bush cedes spotlight to Kerry. Flack: "Just because our picture's not on the cover of Time with a profile doesn't mean we've [gone] dark by any stretch of the imagination. . . It's like the tortoise and the hare."


Bush warm on China, Kerry cold. [WSJ]

Democratic platform heavy on security, foreign policy, light on domestic issues; a point of attack for Republicans. [USAT]

Richardson works for Kerry nationally and locally with Hispanic populations of Florida, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico. [NYT]

Sportsmen disagree with Bush's environmental policies, opening door for Kerry. [LAT]

Edwards greeted by adoring crowds. Actress Sally Kirkland: "He has already captured our hearts. He has already won!". [LAT, USAT]

Nader flips, accepts GOP-gathered signatures to qualify for Michigan ballot. [LAT]

Media, delegates to be bombarded with free concierge options in New York. [NYT]

"Yoga for Kerry" practiced in Hollywood. [LAT][REUTERS/Larry Downing]


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