Election Recycling: It's Like the Tortoise and the Hare Edition

is_that_a_boom_mic_in_your_hand_or_aw_you_finish_it Kerry to accept federal funds, distribute cash to national, state committees, and repay personal loan. [BG]

Bush maneuvers for new middle-class tax cut. Rep. Matsui (D-Calif.): "The president is hurting so badly right now, and even congressional Republicans, this is the one thing they can say they've gotten for the middle class." [WP]

Cheney advocates cap on medical malpractice awards: "When it comes to the legal crisis in American health care, the Kerry-Edwards ticket is on the side of personal-injury trial lawyers, and the Bush-Cheney ticket is on the side of doctors and patients." [WP, LAT]

Parties mine databases of every registered voter for organizing, strategizing, predicting. McAuliffe: "You could ask me about any city block in America, and I could tell you how many on that block are likely to be health care voters, or who's most concerned about education or job creation. . ." [WP]

Dynamics, diversity of Hispanic population in New Mexico present challenge to Bush, Kerry campaigns as they pour resources into the "pivotal" state. [NYT]

Bush, Kerry travel to similar areas, espousing different answers to political issues. Kerry: "We're not going to have one of those elections where it's mealy-mouthed, and you can't tell the difference between the two candidates." [NYT]

Georgia likely to have two Republican Senators come November. [NYT]

Kerry answers questions on health care, national security and Whoopi with the same word: Halliburton. [WP]

Kerry, Edwards to tour swing states; beginning with Colorado, ending in Boston. [LAT, WT, BG]

Bush cedes spotlight to Kerry. Flack: "Just because our picture's not on the cover of Time with a profile doesn't mean we've [gone] dark by any stretch of the imagination. . . It's like the tortoise and the hare."


Bush warm on China, Kerry cold. [WSJ]

Democratic platform heavy on security, foreign policy, light on domestic issues; a point of attack for Republicans. [USAT]

Richardson works for Kerry nationally and locally with Hispanic populations of Florida, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico. [NYT]

Sportsmen disagree with Bush's environmental policies, opening door for Kerry. [LAT]

Edwards greeted by adoring crowds. Actress Sally Kirkland: "He has already captured our hearts. He has already won!". [LAT, USAT]

Nader flips, accepts GOP-gathered signatures to qualify for Michigan ballot. [LAT]

Media, delegates to be bombarded with free concierge options in New York. [NYT]

"Yoga for Kerry" practiced in Hollywood. [LAT][REUTERS/Larry Downing]

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Look, it is your afternoon Nice Times at the Supreme Court! It is also your WUT and HUH Times, with Justices Thomas, Sotomayor, Kagan and Gorsuch joining in an opinion by RBG tossing a challenge to Virginia's new, fair districts. Go know!

After the 2010 Census, Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates did what they do best -- they stole more elections, redrawing the electoral map to ensure themselves a supermajority for all eternity. Why let the voters choose their representatives when the representatives can pick their own voters as the founders intended, right? Voters in 12 of the affected districts sued the Virginia State Board of Elections in 2014 to invalidate the districts as illegal racial gerrymanders, and the House of Delegates intervened in Bethune-Hill v. Va. State Bd. of Elections to support the Board and defend its own power.

After extensive litigation including a trip up to the Supreme Court in 2017, the District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia tossed 11 of the districts as illegal racial gerrymanders and ordered the maps redrawn in 2018. At which point, the Commonwealth of Virginia noped out and quit defending the old, craptastic districts, which should have been the end of it.

BUT NO. The Virginia House of Delegates, which is still held by the GOP despite their party netting nine percent fewer votes than Democrats in the 2017 election, vowed to fight on.

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