Election Recycling: It's My Connection Edition

nanny_nanny_boo_boo Kerry well received at NAACP convention. Kerry: "The president may be too busy to speak to you now. He'll have plenty of time after November 2." McClellan: "It really is disappointing to see the current leadership continue to repeat the hostile rhetoric that they have used, which really shows that they are not interested in a constructive dialogue." [WP


Kerry, Edwards visit people on their porches in "Front Porch Tour: Hometown Values for a Stronger America." [WP]

Kerry, inspired by the sea, heads to Nantucket to write acceptable speech with pen, scissors, glue: "I get a lot out of being close to [the sea]. It's my connection. It's where I've always been. It's where I get a peace of mind, and creativity." [NYT]

Bush ad swipes Kerry on values, abortion, contraception. [WP]

Kerry usually reserves religious rhetoric for black audiences. Kerry: "I am not a spokesperson for the church, and the church is not a spokesperson for the United States of America." [WP]

Republicans want to capitalize on gay marriage issue. [NYT, WT]

GOP calls Wilson "a liar" after his claim is faulted. [WT]

GOP-friendly 527s face challenge of raising funds as liberal groups rake in money. [WP, NYT]

Zogby indicates small bounce for KE04 in Tennessee, North Carolina. [BG]

Hillary to introduce her husband at convention. [NYT]

Liberal group sues to challenge Falwell's tax-exempt status following his endorsement of Bush. [NYT]

Edwards quizzed on price of milk. [BG]

Parties eye millions of expatriate votes. [LAT]

Rove: "Who wins this election will determine the course of history." [LAT]

Nader still running. [LAT]

Volunteers have persistance, dedication in campaign efforts; increased focus on ground war rather than air war. [LAT, WT]

Anti-war ad to be up in Times Square during convention. [NYT]

Call to investigate possible voting-rights violations in Florida. [NYT]

[AP Photo/Francis Specker]


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