Election Recycling: I've Never Been Angry with the French Edition

soul_brother_in_chiefBush consults attorney to possibly represent him in CIA leak investigation. [WP and BG]

South Dakota win sparks Democratic optimism about gaining majority in House. [WP and WSJ and WT and NYT]

Bush asks for patience, compares war on terror with WWII, explains challenge as "the storm in which we fly." [WP and NYT]

BC04 invites congregations to engage in outreach operations; critics say it violates church and state separation; churchgoing closely connected with voting, according to study. [NYT and BG and USAT]

Kerry says he knew Chalabi was bad choice; Chalabi fallout exposes "civil war" in administration. [NYT and WSJ]

Bush makes nice with France: "I've never been angry at the French. France has been a longtime ally." [NYT and WT]

Courts and the church force Kerry to discuss abortion. [WP and LAT]

Kerry floods Florida with ads and visits, unlike Gore. [WP]

Kerry calls for increased focus on bioterrorism. [LAT]

NAACP Chairman calls Bush re-election "almost too dire to bear." [WT]

Kerry votes with Catholic teachings, aside from abortion, according to study. [WT]

New Kerry ad is upbeat, ends with wide grinn and "gargantuan flag." [NYT and LAT]

Edwards travels country in hopes of VP selection. [LAT]

Group urges third-party participation in debates. [WT]

[REUTERS/Larry Downing]


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