Election Recycling: Kerry's Ability to Toss Footballs Impeded Edition

this big Rice's testimony may be released to end political fallout; Commission members unanimously want her to testify in public. [WP and NYT]

Gas prices at record highs, Kerry outlines plan to reduce gas prices by pressing nations to increase production, suspending U.S. reserves, and reiterating the need to switch to clean energy sources; Some Congressional Republicans concur; Prices likely to climb. [WP and LAT]

Cheney says Kerry's record is pro-tax and inconsistent: "To get a clearer picture of what the first hundred days of a Kerry administration would look like, we can start by reviewing his last 7,000 days in Washington;" Kerry argues the administration is changing the topic: "What's really interesting is that with each attack, this administration is building up the truth deficit to go along with the jobs deficit, and the fiscal deficit, and their international-intelligence-gathering credibility deficit." [WP and NYT]

New USAT/CNN/Gallup Poll: Bush, 51 percent, Kerry, 47 percent; 53 percent say administration is "covering up something" about pre-9/11 intel; 67 percent say attacks could not be prevented. [USAT and USAT]

Bush TV spots appear to have spurred "remarkable turnaround" in battleground states. [USAT]

Politicians to spend $25 million in online ads this year; "There's still the air war, and the ground war, but now there's the cyber-war," said an expert. [LAT]

Kerry has learned how to photo op. "Since so much of the campaign today involves visual imagery, this is a very important step," said political scientist. "I always wanted to play Phil Donahue," Kerry jokes. [LAT]

Kerry on MTV tonight: "I'm fascinated by rap and hip-hop. I think there's a lot of poetry in it. There's a lot of anger. A lot of social energy in it. I think you better listen to it pretty carefully." [NYT and BG]

Kerry's surgery will curtail his ability to pick up babies, toss footballs, and "vigorously" shake hands for a few weeks; health described as excellent. [WP and NYT]

Kerry's chief of staff, David McKean, is a distant cousin, alter ego, and significant player. Douglas Brinkley: "He's the most intensely loyal person John Kerry has working with him who can deal with the nitty-gritty ugly realities of fierce partisan politics. If there's a problem that needs to be solved, John turns to David." [WP]

Edwards runs for #2. "If he's offered V.P., he takes it. If he's not offered it, it's important that he campaign for the ticket. Then if Kerry is elected, he can't run for president for eight years, so he becomes a player in a Kerry administration. If Kerry is defeated, he forms a research firm of some sort and starts running for president in '08," said a political scientist. [NYT]

In battleground of Dubuque, Iowa, where everyone knows a soldier, the issue is war and peace; Bush accidently sent the same form letter of condolence twice to one family. [WP]

New ad by the Media Fund is a populist attack on Bush. [LAT]

Massachusetts bans gay marriage, allows civil unions. [WP and WT]

FEC may ask for refund from Sharpton, who outspent personal limits. [NYT and USAT]

[One night with me, baby. . . REUTERS/Jason Reed]


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