Election Recycling: Kerry's Sweet Behind Edition

kerrysbehind.jpgBush, Pope meet at Vatican: "We appreciate the strong symbol of freedom that you have stood for and we recognize the power of freedom to change societies and to change the world." [NYT and WP]

Bush, in Europe, seeks support for Iraq. [NYT and WSJ]

Tenet resigns. [WP and NYT and LAT]

Tenet's legacy is uneven. [WP and WP and NYT and WT]

Democrats call for reform beyond Tenet. [WP and NYT and WSJ]

Senate Intelligence Committee report faults CIA for Iraq information. [NYT]

Enter John McLaughlin. [NYT]

Bush vows to "fully cooperate" with Plame investigation. [WP]

Kerry would modernize military, expand army by 40,000: "The rhetoric of toughness is not enough to make us safe." [WP and NYT and LAT]

Kerry embraces patriotism: "I'm tired of listening to the armchair patriots in Washington who want to tell us that asking questions about the direction of our country is somehow unpatriotic." [NYT]

Progressives with "Take Back America" united to unseat Bush. [WP and WP and LAT and BG]

Some donors to Club for Growth disenfranchised by Republicans. "To the extent that it reflects a larger division in the Republican Party, that is a concern for George Bush," says flak for Center for Responsive Politics. [NYT]

Several religious leaders seek opposition to same-sex marriage amendment. [NYT]

Australian Prime Minister expresses confidence in Bush. [WT]

Soros compares prisoner abuse to 9/11. [WT]

Nader doubts Kerry's energy conservation plans. [BG]

Clinton addresses BookExpo: "I have no earthly idea if this is a great book, but it's a pretty good story." [WP and WT and USAT]


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