Election Recycling: Lap Dancers Disappointed By Republican Laps

Schwarzenegger, Laura Bush promote President Bush's resolve to ensure national security; Dole, Frist highlight compassionate conservatism. Laura: It's "the issue that I believe is most important for my own daughters, for all our families and for our future." [WP, NYT]

Lap dancers disappointed by low turnout of delegates. [NYT]

Night aimed to humanize, soften image of Bush while attacks on Kerry continue. Laura: "He's a loving man with a big heart." [WP, NYT, WT, USAT]

Bush tries to undo damage from previous comment about war: "Make no mistake about it: We are winning and we will win." KE04 dub it a flip-flop. [WP, NYT, LAT, WT]

KE04 announces $45m, 20-state ad buy to reverse "slippage." Kerry "bouncing off the walls," meeting with advisors, believes he has 48 hours to make change. Camp "making an effort to regroup. There's a sense that we need to figure out where we go from here. It wasn't a great month." [LAT, WSJ]

Behind closed doors, BC04 rallies Christian conservatives. Brownback: "We must win this culture war." Campaign complains reporting on private event was "not professional or appropriate." [NYT, WT, BG]

Today's partisanship is a long way from unity following 9/11. [WSJ]

Convention voices moderate stance. [LAT]

Schwarzenegger exerts moderate views to woo independents, explains life within Republican themes. [NYT, LAT]

Laura finds her role is as surrogate for George, antidote to Teresa. [NYT]

Reviews are in: Jenna, Barbara "with their trendy clothes and edgy lines and award-show delivery, seemed to be taking GOP moderation way too far." They "carry themselves with an implied raunch." [WP, NYT, LAT, USAT, USAT]

Clashes with police result in arrests of 900 protesters. [NYT, NYT, LAT, WT, BG]

Schwarzenegger's Superman creams Clark Kent Democrats, writes Shales. Rather says the governor "slapped Kerry around like a hockey puck." [WP]

Giuliani's specific attacks debunked. [WP]

Some New Yorkers uncomfortable with use of 9/11. Poll finds 49% believe leaders knew of attacks in advance and "consciously failed to act." [WP]

New SBVFT ad out about Kerry's anti-Vietnam War stace; other SBVFT spot to run nationally. [WP, LAT, WT]

Theme of fear could benefit Bush. [WSJ]

Lobbyists playing unprecedented role at convention. [WP]

90 Bushes on call for convention, minus Jeb. [NYT]

Kerry would offer military-style courts-martial for Gitmo detainees. [WP]

Edwards greets working families in West Virginia, says Bush has not led to more jobs. [NYT]

Delegates wear bandages with purple hearts to mock Kerry. [NYT, WT]

Percent of non-white delegates almost doubles in four years. [WP]

Cheney works his appeal to conservative base and Bush. [WP, NYT, LAT]

Zell Miller claims Democratic Party left him, not vice versa. [WP, NYT, LAT]

Partisan disagreement over success of Bush's record, particularly No Child Left Behind. [WP, WSJ]

Frist, Hagel, Romney, Giuliani, Pataki, McCain make connections for 2008. [NYT, LAT, BG, USAT]

Giuliani would need to prove his Republican credentials. [NYT]

Giuliani spoke years ago of "thank God" comment. [NYT]

Nader visits convention: "I like to observe corporate orgies." [USAT]


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