Election Recycling: Laura Bush and Teresa H-K 'In Same Club'

Pew poll shows foreign policy tops economic issues for first time since Vietnam War. Poll director: "Iraq could be the tipping point. . . Kerry hasn't made the sale on Iraq either." [WP, IHT, LAT, WT]

Kerry, citing ongoing terror threat, tells VFW members redeployment plan is "wrong signal" at "wrong time." [WP, NYT, LAT, WT, BG]

Records dispute account of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth member. [WP]

Laura laughs at notion of fair press, relates to "shove it" comment: "I empathized with [Teresa], because she and I really are sort of in the same club." [WT]

Bush campaigns on military issues. [NYT, WT]

Kerry, administration argue over logistics of intelligence briefings. [WP]

Bush hones average-guy approach on the trail. [BG]

Pressure is on youth to turnout in droves. [USAT]

Democrats involved in state by state legal efforts to deny Nader ballot spot. [NYT]

United for Peace & Justice seeks approval of Central Park rally. [NYT]

FBI expects violence from protesters. [BG]

Republicans to allow Al Jazeera sign at convention. [USAT]

Old billionaire behind Metro-Retro campaign. [USAT]

Goth-looking Bush supporter unable to attend Q&A infomercial. [WP]

Kerry's porch visits in spirit of McKinley's. [NYT]

Moore to publish book of letters from U.S. troops and a "F9/11" reader before the election. [LAT]


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