Election Recycling: Life in Sugar Land Edition

what_the_fuckCheney to deliver attack on Kerry's wavering leadership today while Kerry prepares a series of speeches aimed at Cheney--his proposed military cuts, his energy task force, and connections to Halliburton--designed to lower confidence in Bush. [WP]

On 1971 tape, Kerry says the medals he discarded were his own, in contradiction to current claims. [NYT]

Hundreds of thousands march for reproductive rights; Hillary: "We didn't have to march for 12 long years because we had a government that respected the rights of women. The only way we're going to be able to avoid having to march again and again and again is to elect John Kerry president." [WP and NYT]

White House cancels plans for conference about health and reproductive rights featuring liberal groups. [WT]

Bush keeps focus on economic issues; set to promote hydrogen cars and broadband access. [NYT]

White House decided to promote Woodward's book rather than discredit. "It makes me once again think well of their spin skills," says former RNC chairman. [WP and NYT]

Kerry thanks Iowa, attacks Bush for hiding photos of military coffins: "If they are good enough to go and fight and die, they are good enough to be received home with full honors in America." [LAT and BG]

Survey of battleground polls finds Bush in slight lead or tied; approval rating comparable to Reagan, Clinton. [WT and WT]

Kerry's chief challenge is foreign policy as Bush's plans merge with Kerry's. Advisor Rand Beers' main goal: "To show that we can protect America better than George Bush." [BG]

Kerry is nuance-free on Middle East policy. [LAT]

The bubble of Red America, as represented by life in Sugar Land, Texas. [WP]

Matchmaker recommends a Kerry-Richardson ticket: "John Kerry has tons of hair. For balance, he needs a running mate with a little less hair." Chat boards name Oprah or Maria Bartiromo. [WSJ]

[What's the deal with the fingers? Some Skull and Bones thing? AFP/File/Manny Ceneta]


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