Election Recycling: Lonely Hard Thing Edition

you can't even see the strings Congress overwhelmingly approves fourth tax cut in as many years. [WP, NYT, LAT]

Bush with Allawi: "You can understand it's tough and still be optimistic. You can understand how hard it is and believe we'll succeed." [NYT, USAT, BG]

Bush delays departure for surprise meeting with Guard members heading to Iraq: "May God bless you all. May God keep you safe." [WP]

Kerry criticizes outlook of Bush, Allawi; Breitweiser: "The only way we will be safer in this nation is if we have Senator Kerry as our president." [WP, NYT, LAT]

Poll registers slight lead for Bush in Florida and seven other battleground states. Brazile: "I know people are still somewhat concerned about Kerry's slippage in August, but I think Kerry is now getting his sea legs back." [USAT]

GOP admits sending residents in Arkansas, West Virginia mailings stating "liberals" would ban the Bible. [NYT]

KE04 staffers confident they've turned corner with fresh aggression plus bad news from Iraq. Dem pollster: "We're back to a very competitive race again." [WP]

Kerry to outline seven-point plan for fighting terrorism. [BG]

Republicans' claims Kerry comforts terrorism or that terrorists prefer him push rhetorical envelope. Scholar: "What we're seeing now isn't just offhand comments by outliers but clearly a decision by the Republican hierarchy to put this charge out there consistently." [WP]

McCurry responds to Rove: "The electoral map is going to be shades of blue and gray. You can take a snapshot at any one point the way Karl did and think you're doing well or you're not doing well. But they will change." [WT]

New Jersey may swing because of 9/11, the Republican convention, and McGreevey. [USAT]

Bush campaigns for slice of Maine's electoral vote. [LAT]

Conventional wisdom says SBVFT and Vietnam-related stories knock Kerry. [NYT]

1972 loss looms over Kerry's current predicament. [NYT]

In court, Heinz argues media to keep estate records sealed. [LAT]

Media Fund ad makes Bush-Saudi ties. [WP, NYT]

Lynne, a key to softening image of vice president, also involved in crafting message. Matalin: "It's a lonely, hard thing to do out there. She makes him laugh, and he makes her laugh." [USAT]

Electronic balloting woes mount. [LAT]

Fact check of KE04 health care spot. [NYT]

Nader off ballot in Oregon. [USAT]

Political books selling incredibly well; Jon Stewart has print run of 800,000. [WSJ]

[AFP/Brendan Smialowski]


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