Election Recycling: Long Weekend's Starting Early Edition

why_does_it_always_look_like_hes_wearing_stiltsKerry pledges to form alliances, combat terror: "We will use every resource of our power to destroy." [WP and NYT and LAT]

67 percent of Americans worry about Iraq, majority angry but still hopeful: "We got Saddam out of there. But I think there's just as bad people in the rest of the world. So, for all the mess, what have we got out of it?" [WP]

Bush promotes electronic medical records: "It lets these docs do their jobs; it eases the minds of the patients." [WP]

Slow economic growth in Ohio could hurt Bush. [LAT]

Gay Councilman leaves local Republican Party after losing delegate seat for opposing Bush. [WP]

Bush mixes political and official duties to save money. [LAT]

Kerry's foreign policy team is Clinton's and then some. Gelb: "The ideas they bring to the table are basically ideas that worried the American people for the last 20 years - whether Democrats are clear-sighted enough, tough enough." [NYT]

Some Democrats see a reverse of 1994. [NYT]

[AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall]


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