Election Recycling: Love the New Laptop Edition

very reverand moon likeCheney says marriage should be defined by states, mentions gay daughter. [WP, NYT, LAT, WT, USAT]

High-level BC04 attorney advised Swift Vets for Truth. [WP, NYT, LAT]

Kerry mocks attacks, calls critics "so petty it's almost pathetic." [WP, BG, NYT, LAT, USAT]

Kerry to Jon Stewart: "I've flip-flopped, flap-flipped." [WP, USAT]

Draft of GOP platform includes conservative stakes on marriage, abortion, stem-cells, and the expansion of legal immigration. [WP, NYT, WT, USAT]

Rubin retracts statement Kerry would have likely invaded Iraq. [WP, LAT]

Conservative 527 with $35m slated to begin ad spending. [NYT]

Swift Vet claims could hurt both sides, damaging Kerry's character and increasing doubts about Bush. DNC pollster: "[I]t is close to irrelevant to the swing voters in the middle." [WP]

O'Neill strongly resents Kerry. [BG]

Kerry's campaign commitments could increase deficit as much as Bush has. [WP]

In rural Missouri, where Iraq is a top concern, Bush is criticized. [WP]

Vietnam a popular topic of conversation in swing states. [LAT]

Jeb won't attend convention because of Charley. [LAT]

37,000 police officers will make Madison Square Garden "hardest target in the world." [NYT]

Rally organizer says Central Park is the only option, but it may be too late. [NYT, WT, USAT]

MoveOn debuts celebrity-driven ads. [USAT]

[AFP/File/Paul J. Richards]


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