Election Recycling: Mill Town to Millionare Edition

edwards parties at wang.jpgEdwards to voters: "Hope is on the way." To terrorists: "You cannot run. You cannot hide. We will destroy you." [WP, NYT, BG, USAT, LAT]

Bush prepares executive orders, speech for restructuring of domestic intelligence. Flack: "There are recommendations that have the potential to be put into place quickly." [WP]

Sharpton: "We got the civil rights act under Democrats. We got the voting rights act under Democrats. We got the right to organize under Democrats. Mr. President, in all due respect, Mr. President, read my lips, our vote is not for sale." [NYT]

Kerry seeks to make ABB voters pro-Kerry. [USAT]

Kerry reunites with former comrades in Boston: "I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to my opportunity a little more than 24 hours from now to share. . . how we're going to make this country stronger at home and respected in the world." Crew mates find personal meaning in Kerry's candidacy. [WP, WP, BG, USAT, LAT]

Bush, like Kerry, will hit the ground running today. The president has five weeks of fundraising remaining; both face months of uncertainties. [NYT]

Edwards' speech took page from Bush in 2000. [NYT]

Bob Shrum, David Wade help Kerry with his acceptance speech. Said aide, "He's always been reluctant to talk about himself, but there will be something about how his experience and values will shape his approach to the presidency: this is my life, this is what I've learned, this is how I'll do this job." [NYT]

Lifetime of pressure on Kerry's speech. [NYT, LAT, LAT]

Speeches have mastered "implicit slam," wrapping negative tones in positive language, such as Clinton's "strength and wisdom are not opposing values." [NYT]

Kerry's ambivalence in approving Iraq war was only the beginning of deliberations on the issue. [LAT]

9 1/2-minute film on Kerry to showcase polished, personal history; may be sold as DVD. [WP, NYT]

RNC releases 11-minute film of Kerry's flip flops on Iraq. [USAT]

Hillary's "smiles faded and she appeared almost dyspeptic" during parts of Teresa's speech. [NYT]

Teresa criticized for playing into her stereotyped image. Nick Gillespie: "She came across as slightly odd -- the space age Madame Mao suit didn't help -- self-indulgent, and goofily disengaged from mere mortals." [WP]

Kerry emotionally entrenched as Vietnam veteran. Teresa: "He said, 'Look at [the Vietnam memorial], everybody on that wall died after we knew that war was a mistake.' And he was angry, quietly angry, seething angry, and we left. It was a visit to the promise of Lincoln, and to the tragedy of that wall. . . Think of reverence, deep, deep, deep held feelings." [WP]

Cheney, in the West, reiterates defense of Iraq war. [NYT]

Alexandra Kerry: "It is a bit like being a rock star and not really having an instrument to play." Vanessa: "People want to make us characters. I can't stand the smile-wave thing." [NYT, WP]

Teresa cried in response to Kids for Kerry speech. [NYT]

Obama in swarm of attention, accolades; Republicans need candidate by August 26. [NYT, NYT]

Restoring Clinton's policies and staffers an unofficial goal of Kerry's. [WP]

Images of Iraq violence play into convention theme of security, as does Kerry's Vietnam record. [BG, BG, LAT]

DNC purchases $6 million in ads this weekend. [LAT]

Support for Kerry increasing among African Americans. [WP]

KE04 downplays expectation of convention bounce. [NYT]

Kucinich at peace with Kerry. [BG]

Young delegates told to stay clean, avoid open bars. [BG]

Protesters appear more interested in New York. [BG, BG]

Ickes in grey area of campaign financing by soliciting donations for 527s near convention. Head of The Media Fund: "To quote Willie Sutton, 'I rob banks because that's where the money is.'" [NYT]

Dropping 100,000 balloons an underreported convention challenge. [BG]

$50 million in convention security costs results in strange feelings. Said cop, "Boredom is good, don't knock it." [WP]

National Guard put on alert to deploy military teams during Republican convention. [NYT]

Souvenirs include Kerry Christmas ornaments and "Thyme for Kerry." [BG]

Tuesday night ratings total 9 million with PBS, MSNBC performing surprisingly strong; PBS, C-SPAN coverage praised. [NYT, USAT]

Technology behind the convention rivals only the Olympics. [NYT]

[AP Photo/Dave Martin]


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