Election Recycling: Monotonous Sadism Run Amok Edition

ahhhhh New Bush ad, airing in 18 battleground states, proclaims: "John Kerry -- wrong on taxes, wrong on defense;" Kerry's response ad asks, "Doesn't America deserve more from its president than misleading negative ads?" [WP and NYT]

Some key Republicans worry about Bush campaign; "We've seen a lot of mistakes and, frankly, some degree of incompetence out of an operation that, up to now, was closing ranks and executing very well," says GOP strategist. [LAT]

Bush raises $1.6 million, eats filet mignon 400 yards from 9/11 memorial he attended; tells donors: "I'll never forget that day. . . The men and women searching through the rubble took it personally. I took it personally. I have a responsibility that goes on." [WP and NYT]

Bush misrepresents Kerry's position on intelligence; claims Kerry's proposal, which would have cut about 1% of the intel budget, would have "gutted" intelligence. [WP]

Kerry won't apologize for remark on Republicans, says "there is a Republican attack squad that specializes in trying to destroy people." [WP and NYT]

Kerry refuses to provide supporting information about a statement in Monday: "I've met with foreign leaders who can't go out and say this publicly. But, boy, they look at you and say: 'You've got to win this. You've got to beat this guy. We need a new policy.' Things like that." [WT]

Media, voters, campaigns settle in for eight months of intense bare-knuckle campaigning. [USAT]

Complaints over California's e-voting; "California has a lemon law which protects consumers if they buy an automobile that doesn't work. So far, electronic voting in California is a lemon. It needs to be fixed," says Sen. Ross Johnson, R-Irvine. [USAT]

Sharpton receives $100,000 in federal funds; FEC begins probe. [BG]


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