Election Recycling: MTV-Like Platform Edition

duck duck goose Confident Bush says Kerry didn't lie about Vietnam; admits "miscalculation" of postwar conditions, supports diplomacy towards North Korea; says he studies Kerry's debating skills, and longs for peace. Bush: "I think [527s] should have been outlawed a year ago. We have billionaires writing checks, large checks, to influence the outcome of the election." [NYT, USAT]

Bush, McCain seek legal limits for 527s. Kerry acts on McCain's request to cancel ad featuring 2000 footage. McCain: "I did advise John. I said, 'Look, you shouldn't talk about Vietnam because everybody else will." [WP a>, NYT, BG, USAT]

Republicans approve platform that praises Bush, hides disagreement. [WP, NYT, LAT, WT, BG]

Bush, with Giuliani in New Mexico, rehashes 9/11. Bush plans fire department visit during convention. [WP]

Kerry, Edwards push economic message following news of increases in uninsured and impoverished. Edwards: "I can't believe the American people will reelect a man that cost 1.4 million people their health care." [WP, NYT, NYT, LAT, BG]

Bush leads among veterans by 18 points, according to Annenberg survey. [WP]

Kerry offers weekly debates to rise above "smear and fear." [LAT]

White House floats executive orders to enact 9/11 recommendations, broaden powers of CIA director. [WP, NYT]

Bush to accept nomination from MTV-like platform, surrounded by supporters. Advisor: " To me that says strength, that he is willing to stand out there alone." [NYT]

21 protesters arrested in New York; nude Act Up members block traffic, Plaza Hotel draped with anti- Bush banner. [NYT]

Bush edges Kerry nationally, leads within margin of error in Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri. [LAT, WSJ]

DNC opens response center in New York. [NYT, WT]

Widow of swift boat skipper says Kerry deserved medals. [BG]

New Yorkers worry about terror, violent protests as 5,000 delegates descend. Police patrols prepared. [NYT, WSJ]

Oregon is filled with switchable voters, independents, and third-party supporters. Pollster: "I do not believe that by any stretch it's over in Oregon or that Bush can't win here." [NYT]

Campaigns continue fire over SBVFT while avoiding smoke. [LAT]

United for Peace and Justice will not officially announce rally in Central Park. [NYT]

Stephen Colbert: "We want to find out actual information about Republicans. We want to know where the pods are, where they're grown, and we want to photograph them before they're harvested." [NYT]

NYPD to use Italian scooters. [NYT]

Protesters to use web, micro radio. [LAT]

[AP Photo/Ric Francis]


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