Election Recycling: Multimillion-Dollar Americana Extravaganza Edition

republican_because_i'm_richBush on al-Arabiya: "It's a matter that reflects badly on my country. Our citizens in America are appalled by what they saw, just like people in the Middle East are appalled. We share the same deep concerns." Bush doesn't apologize; he learned about abuse from the media. [WP and NYT]

Bush scolds Rumsfeld privately; in multiple White House meetings, Powell reportedly warned about properly caring for detainees. [WP and NYT]

Kerry says response to abuse allegations was "slow and inappropriate." Kerry: "The president of the United States needs to offer the world an explanation and needs to take appropriate responsibility. And if that includes apologizing for the behavior of those soldiers and what happened, we ought to do that." [WP and LAT]

Bush to appear on Christian cable outlets tonight for three-hour National Day of Prayer ceremony. [WP]

White House requests $25 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan operations. Bush: "We must make sure there is no disruption in funding and resources for our troops." Sen. Reed (D-R.I.): "Given the increased tempo of operations as seen in April and the need for the long-term deployment of troops, it is clear that this is not enough money. It is unfortunate that the administration spends so much energy and time in denying the fact they need any help." [WP and NYT]

NBC/WSJ poll: Bush, 46; Kerry, 42; Nader, 5; voters express concern over economy. Support for Bush slips in Gallup poll. [WSJ and USAT]

Bush's bus tour: "This is multimillion-dollar Americana extravaganza, the image-making machinery of the White House working at its precision peak, nothing left to chance, building to the great Wow moment. . . This trip is a carefully calculated expenditure of precious presidential time dressed up with piles of pancakes and miles of bunting. Yes, America Can! . . . do what, exactly?" [WP]

Analysis of candidates' health care plans finds different solutions to a growing problem; Kerry's plan described as "more ambitious." [WP]

Bush helps GOP raise record $38.5 million in one night. [LAT and WT]

Parties consider establishing separate groups to handle unlimited amounts of hard money. [WT]

1971 F.B.I. file says Kerry was "glib, cool and displayed best what the moderate elements wanted to reflect." [NYT and LAT]

Kerry caught in church divide [WSJ]

Kerry defends campaign from Democratic criticism. [BG]

Since 1997, registered lobbyists donated $1.8 million to Bush, $520,000 to Kerry. [WP]

Utility industry has donated $6.6 million to Bush since 1999. [LAT]

Nevada expected to be a tossup. [LAT]

Michael Moore denounces Disney's move, hopes to find distributor and audience. [NYT]

Election officials say paper receipts for electronic voting would create even more confusion. [WP and WT]

[AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais]


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