Election Recycling: My God He's Huge Edition

no giant schlong just giant keery Kerry sweeps Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas primaries; Turnout for primary season was lower than previously reported. [WP and NYT]

Democratic interest groups form unprecedented political alliance to parallel to Kerry campaign; will spend large amounts of soft money on coordinated advertising, voter drives, and research; GOP cries foul, files complaint with FEC. [WP and NYT]

Bush campaign engaging Kerry on multiple fronts with fierce attacks aimed to discredit him. "For months, the American people have heard a diatribe. Now they are going to hear a dialogue," says Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman. [NYT]

Log Cabin Republicans, the only gay group to endorse Bush in 2000, begins its first ever ad campaign in swing states equating gay marriage to civil rights. The TV spot shows Cheney (c. 2000) explaining why the issue should be left to the states. [WP]

Support increasing for civil unions and states rights as opposed to the constitutional ban on gay marriages, according to fresh WP-ABC News poll, though numbers have been volatile on this issue. [WP]

Kerry's new tag line: Bush's leadership is stubborn, not steady. "I think his stubborn leadership has led America steadily in the wrong direction, and that's why we're going to vote for change in November," he says. He offers to debate once a month. [NYT and BG]

Bush steps away from one-hour time limit for meeting with 9/11 commission; "Nobody is watching the clock," says McClellan. [WP and NYT]

Kerry makes issue of foreign oil, gas prices, and energy dependence: "No young American in uniform should ever be held hostage to America's dependence on oil in the Middle East." [LAT]

Bush attacks "economic isolationists," says trade will produce jobs. [WT]

Sharpton will get federal matching funds, and an audit. [LAT]


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