Election Recycling: No, No, No Edition

ewwwww Kerry secures nomination, tries to build support in West Virginia. [LAT and WT]

New Bush attack ad is only airing in West Virginia: "No body armor for troops in combat. No higher combat pay. No to better health care for reservists and their families. [Kerry] -- wrong on defense." Kerry calls it a "distortion." [WP and NYT]

Jews wary of Bush's evangelical Christian support. "Jews are generally turned off by the views that his administration has taken on a host of issues - including stem cell research, the faith-based initiative, a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, abortion rights - that are very popular with the president's evangelical base," says the executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council. [WT]

Bush launches multi-level effort to highlight the war and his leadership. Dan Bartlett: "Whether it has to be emphasized or not, we've made clear that one of the most important issues is how the two candidates would conduct the war on terror and protect America. There's a clear choice." [NYT]

Bush reaffirms global war on terror: "Terrorists will kill innocent life in order to try to get the world to cower. That's what they want to do. And they'll never shake the will of the United States. We understand the stakes, and we will work with our friends to bring justice to the terrorists." [WT]

Bush accusations against Kerry: "wrong on defense," of not supporting troops in Iraq; Kerry responds that Bush is responsible for a "credibility gap as big as the New River George" and is not protecting the troops. [WP and BG]

DNC enters fundraising blitz - $10 million over 10 days - for Kerry featuring the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Tom Daschle, and James Carville. [NYT and LAT]

Dean, official Democratic liaison to the tinfoil hat brigade, ties Madrid bombings to Iraq: "That was what they said in the tape. They made that connection, I'm simply repeating it." [BG]

Revisiting the primary: Mary Beth Cahill, "the motor in Kerry's bandwagon." [WP]

[Making the Gore kiss look spontaneous. Photo: AP Photo/Elise Amendola]


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