Election Recycling: Nuancing Everything Edition

resisting_the_urge_to_pick_his_nose Bad news from Iraq gives Bush good reason to get out of town; Lockhart compares situation to Lewinsky scandal. Says Bush aide, "We're just going to have to ride this out. It could be weeks." Iraq receives little attention from both candidates. [WP and LAT]

Bush's poll numbers don't reflect improving economic figures. [WT]

Kerry campaign strives for message discipline; campaign performance frustrates some Democrats. [BG and USAT]

Laura Bush appears in Internet ad about Bush's education reforms; Bush says "we're not backing down" from No Child Left Behind; Clinton, Clark to stump for Kerry. [WP and NYT]

Teresa Heinz Kerry discloses 2003 income was $5.1 million. [WP and NYT]

McCain thinks Edwards would have been stronger nominee: "Kerry's gotta stop nuancing everything." [WP]

Kerry campaigns on health care proposals: "I want to liberate small-business people from this burden so they can go out and create the jobs of the future." [WP and NYT]

Strong fundraising allows candidates to pour money into battlegrounds. [NYT]

Laura Bush, in New York, joins Pataki for prayer breakfast. [NYT and LAT]

Rove says Democrats played into GOP hands, lost 2002 election they were expected to win; Rove found earlier Dean scream speech even turned off Democrats. [WT and WT]

In Ohio, campaigns rely on vocal few to spread message. [WP]

CEO of Diebold regrets letter supporting Bush. [NYT]

Lawyers recommend FEC postpone decision on 527s. [NYT and LAT]

[AP Photo/Ed Reinke]


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