Election Recycling: Oftentimes Lazy Edition

nice_ass Kerry consults friends, reviews history in VP selection process; Kerry is close to Gephardt, Vilsack, Biden, but "the delay in announcing someone has helped Edwards," says source. Clark, unity ticket unlikely Holbrooke: "John [Kerry] has foreign policy experience. He does not need a prime minister [like Cheney]." The Hotline: "If Edwards isn't picked, how does the Kerry camp handle that first-day story of snubbing" him? [WP and WSJ]

Gephardt interrupts post-campaign calm to meet Kerry: "If John Kerry wants me to do something, including vice president, I will do it. But I'm very happy to do something else. My life is not all focused on government and public service." [NYT and LAT and BG]

Bush: "The reason I keep insisting that there was a relationship between Iraq and Saddam and al Qaeda: because there was a relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda." Kerry: "The president owes the American people a fundamental explanation about why he rushed to war for a purpose that it now turns out is not supported by the facts." Cheney: "The fact of the matter is, the evidence is overwhelming. The press is, with all due respect, and there are exceptions, oftentimes lazy, oftentimes simply reports what somebody else in the press said without doing their homework." [WP and NYT and LAT and WSJ and WT]

Kerry adds phrases to speeches that are similar to Edwards' stump; focuses on optimism, college tuition, off-shoring. [WT]

Kerry, Bush optimistic about economy. [WP]

Bush appeals to Baptists to encourage turnout; 16 million Southern Baptists organize first registration drive in their history;[NYT]

Bush campaigns past midnight for Washington Senate candidate; raises $750,000: "Both of us are going to carry this state. And we're going to because we've got optimistic plans to make this country safer, stronger and better." McCain hits stump today with Bush. [NYT and LAT]

Three debates planned: one on domestic policies, one on foreign affairs, one town hall with undecideds. [LAT and USAT]

[AP Photo/Jeff Chiu]


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