Election Recycling: One of the Most Striking Phenomena Edition

the_left_hand_is_whichKerry to spend $27 million on new ads about his life and campaign themes, opens new battles for Louisiana and Colorado. [NYT and LAT]

Increase in small donors "one of the most striking phenomena of the 2004 political campaign." Bush has 833,000 supporters, up from 345,000 in 2000; Kerry has about 400,000 donors. [WP]

Kerry's slow start may have missed the opportunity to gain support in Latino community. [LAT]

Focus on Iraq challenges Kerry strategy. [LAT]

Kerry sells pro-business proposals with help of Buffett and Steve Jobs. [WSJ and BG]

Bush begins bus tour of swing states. [USAT]

Kerry falls off bike. [USAT]

Both parties compete overseas for absentee votes. [BG]

Bush stays above fray as surrogates do dirty work. [WT]

Voters see Kerry as cold, aloof, and distant. [WT]

Bremer regrets 2001 criticism of Bush. [LAT]

In Senate, Democrats halt bills as revenge for Republican tactics. [NYT]

Bush, Kerry disagree on handling of student loans. [WSJ]

Presidential election expected to affect 11 gubernatorial races. [USAT]

Voters look at Iraq via lessons of Vietnam. [NYT]

[AP Photo/Steven Senne]


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