Election Recycling: Optimistic Rhetoric Edition

i_just_wanted_to_pet_the_rabbits Bush camp, MoveOn in ad fight over quality of new jobs. Chief economist for Morgan Stanley: "Despite the well-advertised pick-up of job growth, recent trends in real wage income remain very disappointing." Matthew Dowd: "Every time there has been positive news on the economy, it has been overwhelmed by news out of Iraq. Nobody heard it until recently, when Iraq was getting more settled." [WP and WSJ]

Kerry returns to Washington for vote on veterans' health care funding, but Republicans postpone vote. Frist: "Senator Kerry, who hadn't been here all year, who's missed 80 percent of all votes, parachutes in for a day and then will be taking off once again." Kerry: "At this time of great sacrifice, it is even more important that we show our veterans that we honor them and respect them, and we have to show them with more than words, we have to show them with our deeds." [WP and NYT and LAT and WT]

Two addresses, one in LA, one in NY, donate the most to each candidate. LA high-rise has routed $297,000 to Bush; 146 Central Park West has provided $192,000 for Kerry. [NYT]

New Kerry ad pledges to reduce health care costs. [LAT]

Kerry turns up optimistic rhetoric. [WT]

Kerry, Edwards meet privately in Washington. [USAT]

Nader campaign has under $100,000 on hand. [WSJ]

Clinton writes few anecdotes about Kerry in memoir. [BG][REUTERS/Mannie Garcia ]


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