Election Recycling: Overwhelming Burden of High Expectations Edition

wheres_waldoKerry praises Gephardt, reaches out to union supporters; James Hoffa Jr. urges selection of Gephardt for vice president. [NYT and WP and LAT and BG]

White House urged to expand investigation of prison abuse. Biden: "There is no accountability so far. It cannot be just those people in that prison. It doesn't seem rational, based on my experience." [WSJ]

Bush, Kerry, and anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education converge on Topeka. Said mayor, "This is the biggest day in Topeka history, period." [LAT]

EPA provided laundry industry lobbyists access to edit new guidelines, not to environmental groups or unions; Bush's Pioneers benefit in most federal agencies and departments. [WP and WP]

Brownstein: Preemption policy a casualty of war. [LAT]

Iraqi turnover likely to benefit Bush. [WT]

Race is first a referendum on Bush. [USAT]

Michael Moore film includes images of civilian casualties of war not seen on U.S. television. [NYT]

Parishioners react to bishop's letter saying they should not receive communion if they vote for liberal politicians. [NYT]

Bush's commencement speeches are politically calculated; compassionate conservative messages expressed. [NYT]

Schwarzenegger stays out of presidential race; likely to campaign for Bush. [LAT]

Kucinich still campaigning, mostly to reform Democratic positions. "At this point, I am not suffering from the overwhelming burden of high expectations," he said. [NYT]

Television interview with Powell is interrupted. Russert: It's "press management gone berserk." [NYT and WT]

GOP 527s play catch-up to liberal groups. [WT]

Parties look to attract undecided Latino voters. [USAT]

For Republican convention protesters, the first challenge is obtaining a permit. Yippie Party offered to provide cops with free medical marijuana; "We were denied in four days. We think that's a record," said a Yippie elder. [WP]

62% of federal workers receive bonuses, despite Bush's call for merit-based rewards. Said professor of government, "This is just going to further confirm what many Americans believe, that the federal government is somehow an island unto itself." [WP]

Nader regularly provides Kerry with policy recommendations. [BG]

[REUTERS/William Philpott]


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