Election Recycling: Own Something Edition

make love to the camera Fresh NYT/CBS Poll: Bush-Kerry tied, Nader draws 7; Half of respondents have not formed an opinion of Kerry, but most feel he panders to voters; 54 percent believe the country is moving in the wrong direction; Voters uneasy about Bush's economic policies; 50 percent describe Bush as a conservative, 39 percent label Kerry a liberal; 59 percent support marriage amendment while 56 percent say it's not important enough to make the change; two-thirds believe Ground Zero images should not be in political ads; USAT-Gallup has similar findings. [NYT and USAT]

As Cheney and McClellan urge Kerry to name names, it is disclosed that Kerry originally said he had the support of "more leaders," not "foreign leaders," though the context indicates the candidate was clearly referring to foreign leaders; he has never suggested otherwise. Kerry, meanwhile, attacks Bush on security and budget cuts for first responders: "When it comes to protecting America from terrorism, this administration is big on bluster and short on action. But as we saw again last week in Spain, real action is what we need." [WP and NYT]

Bush, in Pennsylvania, promotes "compassionate" housing program to show the economy is improving and to reach out to minority voters: "Homeownership in America is at the highest rate ever. . . . We think it is in the best interest of the country that people own something." [WP and NYT]

Bush calls new Spanish prime minister as the White House controls damage. Says an administration official: "Unless we stand together in a resolved way to fight terrorists, in all likelihood, a given nation will be susceptible to an act of terror. If terrorists are able to attack those who are fighting them the hardest and have an effect, then that sends a terrible message." [WP]

Democrats are keeping up with Bush's "tempo" of ad buys, even outspending him in some markets; 527s facing increasing scrutiny. [LAT and BG]

Officials fear pre-election attack on U.S. "The implications of this are fairly staggering. This is the first time that a terrorist act has influenced a democratic election. This is a gigantic, loud wakeup call. There's no one they'd like to have out of office more than George W. Bush," says a political psychologist. [USAT and BG]

Bush skips the Rose Garden and tours nation on the offense. "And so, off you go. It's a trade-off. You're not going to look as presidential. You're going to be down in the gutter slinging mud. And I assume somebody smart in the Republican strategy sessions has said, 'We've got to do this,'" says expert. [USAT]

Sharpton, remains in race, endorses Kerry: "I informed him that I think that clearly he has won the nomination, and as I have stated during the race, I will support the nominee." [LAT and USAT]

Bush agrees to trade pact with the Dominican Republic. [WP]

Photo: AFP/Tim Sloan


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