Election Recycling: People Make Funny Online for You!

the choosen people Candidates spar over who is best fit to be commander in chief. Bush: "The next commander in chief must lead us to victory in this war, and you cannot win a war when you don't believe you're fighting one." Kerry: "The president says he's a leader. Well, Mr. President, look behind you. There's hardly anyone there. It's not leadership." [WP, USAT, Reuters, LAT, BG, WT]

Bush envisions long march of freedom and "the transformational power of liberty." [NYT]

Edwards lets loose, says "incompetent" seven times in as many minutes: "The truth of the matter is, Iraq is a mess because this president and this vice president were incompetent." [WP]

Clinton to join Kerry in Philadelphia on Monday; Schwarzenegger to stump for Bush. [WP, USAT]

Robertson says Bush predicted zero casualties. Rove denies, McCurry cautious. Robertson: "He was just sitting there, like, I'm on top of the world, and I warned him about this war." [WP, NYT, USAT, LAT]

Teresa disparages Laura's career, quickly apologizes; aides say Laura took no offense. Besides, Laura's cookie recipe won. [WP, NYT, NYT, USAT, LAT, BG]

Troops in Iraq largely pessmimistic, looking for candidate to bring them home. [NYT]

Bush tells government employees to follow CDC guidelines for flu shots: "I think if they're able-bodied, I don't think they ought to." [WP]

Bush bets on perception of resoluteness, not stubbornness. [WSJ]

Campaigns bicker over fraudulent voting. [WP]

BC04 began October with $30m advantage. [NYT]

Campaigns utilizing emotional ploys based on fear. [USAT]

Both sides disregard facts. [USAT]

Blue Michigan? Columnist: "If Kerry ends up winning this state, he'll do it without working very hard for it or, in a sense, deserving it." Granholm points to "a perfect storm of bad news." [NYT]

Voters firmly reject draft; about a third fear draft under a second Bush term. [WP]

Kerry's support in California increases to 58%. [LAT]

As battleground to the finish, Iowa experiences the longest campaign. Rural voters preferred Bush but Gore pulled off narrow victory. [LAT]

Election could be decided by about a million voters who are expected to register on election day in Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Maine. BC04 director: "Whenever you don't know who's on the list of voters, it creates some uncertainty about who will show up on Election Day." [BG]

Pentagon to post absentee ballot online for voters overseas. [NYT]

South Dakota reservation is left behind. [WP]

Snow, Evans, Rice speak to swing states, deny political motivation. [LAT]

Campaigns, parties, 527s drop over $1b in presidential race. [LAT]

Review of "Stolen Honor" says film should not be shown, but helps "viewers better understand the rage fueling the unhappy band of brothers who oppose Mr. Kerry's candidacy and his claim to heroism." It's payback. [NYT]

Political mockeries run amok online. [NYT]

Alabama deals with backlog of new voters. [LAT]

[REUTERS/Gil Cohen Magen]


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