Election Recycling: Revert to Malaise Edition

if_only_there_were_a_big_flag_behind_him Approval of Bush's handling of war on terror down 13% since April, according to WP/ABC poll. Nation divided over who is stronger against terror; 52% say Iraq war was not worth fighting; 70% -- a new high -- say casualty rate is unacceptable; Bush's approval rating stable; voters trust Bush more with handling Iraq but majorities prefer Kerry for health care, taxes, education, drug benefits. [WP]

Bush may chose permanent successor to Tenet to protect from forthcoming reports, books critical of administration, and to preempt fallout if there is a terrorist attack. [NYT]

Bush visits Ohio, raises $2.5 million, promotes conservative values under banner of "Strengthening America's Families." [NYT and LAT]

Kerry, backed by 48 Nobel laureates, says, "We need a president who will again embrace the tradition of looking toward the future and new discoveries with hope based on scientific facts, not fear," and an economy "based on innovation, ingenuity and imagination." Bush flak: "Only John Kerry would declare the country to be in scientific decline on a day when the country's first privately funded space trip is successfully completed." [WP and LAT and WT and BG]

Bush, Cheney promote rebound in job market. Cheney says America would revert to Carter's "malaise" under Kerry. [WP and WT]

Let Freedom Ring Inc. to counter MoveOn.org from the religious right. [WT]

Breakdown of independent voter polls is analyzed. [LAT]

Nader picks Green Party activist as running mate, boosting chances for Green Party endorsement. [WP and NYT and LAT]

[AFP/Hector Mata]


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