Election Recycling: Risky but Necessary Edition

thinking make brain hurtBush's attacks overshadow Kerry's explanation of war vote. Biden: "I saw a headline that said 'Kerry Would Have Gone to War.' That's bull." [NYT]

Kerry tells seniors he would allow drug imports. [WP, NYT, WT, BG]

Bush, McCain criticize Kerry's statement on troop withdrawal: "The mission is not going to be completed as quickly as possible if the enemy thinks we will be removing a substantial number of troops in six months." [NYT, USAT]

Bush says strong economy evident with interest rate increase. [WP]

Campaigns criss-cross same swing states; to overlap in Oregon. [LAT]

Investment in nonvoters risky but necessary. [LAT]

Ads running on black radio stations call Kerry "rich, white and wishy-washy," mock Teresa as self-described African American: "While technically true, I don't believe a white woman, raised in Africa, surrounded by servants, qualifies." [WP]

Bush keeps focus on security, for better or worse; in new ad: "I can't imagine the great agony of a mom or a dad having to make a decision about which child to pick up first on September the 11th." [WP, WT, BG]

Democrats weary of embracing felon vote. [WSJ]

Edwards woos physicians. [BG]

Laura's effectiveness increases with her campaigning. [NYT]

Schwarzenegger may stump for Bush. [LAT]

ADL livid Nader called Bush, members of Congress "puppets" of the Israeli government. [WP]



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